Hair Problems

Hair Problems

Our home has lately been looking like we own a cat with super long hair! But no, we don’t. It’s just me with my terrible after pregnancy hair loss. This time I was prepared for this since I had the same problem after my first pregnancy.

The hair loss has really frustrated me and I have tried to cheer myself up with something new and fun so I ended up buying a color mask from Biozell in Hot Copper. (I know, all you hairdressers are probably rolling your eyes now! :D) But that didn’t end up too well! Because of my already colored blond hair it turned out really bright orange. Or more like a blorange so at least it was very trendy, but I still didn’t feel like home in it. I tried to tone it down with a different hair mask so I bought KC professional hair mask in Toffee and that turned out quite nice. A little bit more red and not so orange. But still, it really wasn’t me. Plus the color was very uneven!

biozell hair mask

KC professional color mask

Fortunately, couple weeks later we had hair and make-up appointments booked to our models from Minna who is working in Gyyli. I opened up about my hair disasters to her and she instantly said she would know how to fix it! So we booked me an appointment from her.

I let her do whatever she wanted with my hair which turned out to be a great choice! I was blond again! So happy! Feeling like me again!

blond hair by Minna Gyyli

Ok, so I learned my lesson on the hair masks: wash-off is not always really wash-off. I think that these hair masks are great for refreshing the existing hair color but definitely not for “fun” color changes like this one I had!

So now that I would be happily blonde again I thought that I really need to start taking some supplements to help my hair grow back. I went to the closest Life-shop to ask which one I should buy and they recommended me this Puhdas+ beauty-capsules. I don’t know if it was because they were on sale or because they really thought it was the best option for me.

Whatever it was, it worked! Really! I have been taking it now for almost three weeks and my temples are not bald anymore! (They really were!) Even Minna, the hairdresser, was asking what I had been doing to make my hair grow like this because I have so much new hair growing.


Are there other moms who are having the same problems?

<3: Pinja


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